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Stillwell Audio Olga v1.00.08 - Talula
Stillwell Audio Olga v1.00.08 - Talula
Stillwell Audio Olga v1.00.08 - Talula
Olga is a virtual analog synthesizer unlike any other, designed from
first principles to be distinctive.

Imagine a handmade experiment from an unlikely place, a synthesizer so
full of life and character that it earns the right to be called a
musical instrument. Olga encourages risk, experimentation, and
exploration, and rewards you with unexpected and exciting sounds,
vibrant and human. This is the dusty gem you could spend your life
searching for.

Bezier Antialiased Dynamic Analog Synthesis System: Olga uses a truly
new approach to DSP waveform generation to emulate glorious analog
imperfection. Olga’s free running oscillators are in a constant state
of structured variability, a deeply musical instability, free of
aliasing artifacts and light on your CPU.

Gaussian Reactive Oscillator Overdrive Virtual Engine: Throughout
Olga’s signal path, levels can be pushed through saturation and into
full overdrive, with a thickness that develops organically, breathing
life and character into your music.

Olga has been tested in the following audio host applications: Ableton
Live 7, Chainer, Cubase SX3 and C4, Energy XT2, FL Studio 7, Forte,
Reaper, Samplitude 9, Sonar 7, Tracktion. If you experience any trouble
using Olga in any host application, please post the details on our
support forum and we will address the issue as quickly as possible.

Note: Olga makes extensive use of the SSE2 processor instruction set for
maximum CPU efficiency. Older CPUs (notably the pre-64 Athlon XP series)
that do not support SSE2 will not recognize the standard version of Olga
as a loadable plugin. A less optimized build that will run on older
machines can be downloaded here. There is no difference in usage or
licensing terms.
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